Instructions for this Trade: MONEY MANAGEMENT

1. Your Capital should be 100 days of your salary.
2 You should only LOOSE 1% of your Capital in a DAY.
3. Accept the RISK Psychologically.
4. Your 1% of capital should be divided by 3 will give you a Most Important number of How Much you can Loose in a single Trade.
5.Position Sizing should be done on that Number Only .
6. Trade Should Suit to your Money Management Criteria.
7. If its not then You Can’t Do that Trade.

Copy Of 3 testing
9:17 PM
Trade ID No 4
Script Name GAIL
Type of Call SWING TRADE
Looking to SELL [SHORT]
Segment Equity
Strategy Trednd Pull Back
Current Price 85.50
Entry Price 89.90
Stop Loss 94.25
Target 1 82.50
Target 2 69.60
Risk To Reward 1:l4.65
Call Given Date 9/27/2020
Call valid Upto 9/30/2020
lloking good on chats ….but little bit
risky . If you missed the entery…don’t
chase it ….and yes its gonna go up and
fill our limit order and will come back.
Personal Notes
exit 60% of position on target 1 …
stops to 89.90……..will upload the
status …once filled …

If you want to survive and make money in trading there is only one GOLDEN RULE “Never loose more then 1% of your capital In Any Trade”


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Raja Sekhar

Raja Sekhar

Raja Shekar is a professional Trader from 4 years who worked hard to break the "RAT RACE" in life for almost 4 years. He is also a Swing Trader, Mentor, YouTuber, and Trading Couch. He always looks to learn new things in trading and he loves to share the knowledge with other Traders.

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