Raja Sekhar

Raja Sekhar

I am so happy that you are here and reading about me. I will tell you briefly. It will hardly take 3 minutes to read and if you are in so much Hurry then please don’t read it now. The purpose of reading this will not be fulfilled if you are in hurry. Trust me.

“Once a teacher told that a teacher should inspire his students or followers or learners”. This is the only reason why I am writing this.

My name is Raja Sekhar and I am from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. I am a technical analyst. I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English languages. In 2010 I completed graduation and I got an R&D job in my college interview. The salary was good. I did that job for or almost two and a half years.

when I was 24- 25 years old I read a book of rich dad poor dad and intelligent investor and cash flow quadrant.

Cut short to the point I need more money. I was searching for other ways of making money. I inspired by the thoughts and ideas of Robert Kiyosaki. I read them like maybe 8 to 10 times. I really want to put the concepts in my brain and I really want to apply those things to my life. it has to you given a great cause that why need to make the money early stages of my life. Believe me that you need a real reason to make money either it can be your family or your wife or your baby or it can be any reason. if you have one I would love to read in my comment box.

So the game beguine.

I write it down 15 to 17 fields I want to work. At some point, everything has its own limitations or I don’t want to do that business. I like computers when I was in 2006- 7 in fact I learned computers more than enough. at that time all these skills leading to trading so I went into trading back in 2012 and 13. I read some books in Telugu in the initial stages. I blew three accounts something like 3 lacs. I was frustrated and lost.

I didn’t lose my hope this is the best thing that happened to me. Money Management Books helped me.

I realized that “I am understanding the English books wrongly” and I started to learn English for the whole six months. I did the mistake when it comes to the application of Knowledge which is given by books. Application of Knowledge part is too tough for me.

Money management is the only thing that kept me alive in the market today.

when I applied the concepts of money management to every aspect of the real-world I found amazing things. I was profitable based on money management and with the help of my mentors. I respect them for giving knowledge. initially, I was trading with the risk to reward ratio of 1: 1 and slowly moved on to 1: 4 and above ……by best is 1:27 until now. The best thing is I become a professional Trader.

I did the hard work for at least 3 years to get into the real profits.

Thank you
Raja Sekhar

your comments much appreciated.

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  1. Yes Good where about you, infact even my story was same but because of family i could not leave the job but learning all sorts of market related info very lately after some years.

    But i appreciate your hard work and getting back into what you wanted .


  2. Great content.
    Really impressed by your story.
    I’m very glad to have journey with you I’m this trading .

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