HDFC BANK Swing Trading Call

HDFC BANK Swing Trading Call
Instructions for this Trade: MONEY MANAGEMENT

1. Your Capital should be 100 days of your salary.
2 You should only LOOSE 1% of your Capital in a DAY.
3. Accept the RISK Psychologically.
4. Your 1% of capital should be divided by 3 will give you a Most Important number of How Much you can Loose in a single Trade.
5.Position Sizing should be done on that Number Only .
6. Trade Should Suit to your Money Management Criteria.
7. If its not then You Can’t Do that Trade.

Copy Of 3 testing
1:57 PM
Trade ID No 1
Script Name HDFC BANK
Type of Call SWING CALL
Looking to BUY [LONG]
Segment Equity
Strategy Range Pull Back
Current Price 1042.55
Entry Price 1032.85
Stop Loss 1023.35
Target 1 1063.85
Target 2 1070.00
Risk To Reward 1:3.25
Call Given Date 9/27/2020
Call valid Upto 9/30/2020
I applied Range Strategy, Pull Back
strategy,S&R Strategy……This will work
for sure ….you cant expect to reach
targets in one day.It will Take Atlease 3
Personal Notes
Took 30 Min to analyse this
call……..wait for price to come back and
give proper entry.I cant Trade with less
then 1:3 . Stay Calm . We are Trading
against the Trend ……we know whats
going to happen…so be calm and
accept the risk.

If you want to survive and make money in trading there is only one GOLDEN RULE “Never loose more then 1% of your capital In Any Trade”


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Raja Sekhar

Raja Sekhar

Raja Shekar is a professional Trader from 4 years who worked hard to break the "RAT RACE" in life for almost 4 years. He is also a Swing Trader, Mentor, YouTuber, and Trading Couch. He always looks to learn new things in trading and he loves to share the knowledge with other Traders.

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